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About MiBrightFuture

mibrightfuture-logoMI Bright Future is a partnership of k-12, workforce development,
post-secondary partners, and chambers of commerce working to integrate career
planning technology tools with the existing educational development planning process and
career awareness and readiness strategies in the K-12 school system.

Ultimately, students and teachers will connect with employers to learn more about careers
and local businesses, participate in work based learning opportunities, and network with the
workforce of the future.

Livingston County is a pioneer in Southeast Michigan in using this amazing system which
connects the world of work with the world of education. We are currently implementing
MiBrightFuture in many of our Career Technical Education classrooms to offer contextualized
education and work-based learning experiences. Students can ask employers questions about
future careers, and employers can network with future employees.

Employers: Want to connect with schools and students, as well as influence your future
workforce? Create a profile on this website to network with students/teachers to provide
mentoring, job shadowing, internship opportunities, company tours, etc., to help keep our
local talent local.

Students: Explore various careers and learn more about local employers. MiBrightFuture
will give you access to online mentors to ask questions about careers, as well as set up
work-based learning opportunities to experience these careers firsthand.

Educators: Log in to utilize resources available from a wide variety of employers. Employers
are ready to partner on company tours, career fairs, mock/informational interviews, as well
as serve on advisory boards, and much more. MiBrightFuture offers the opportunity for educators
to make learning come alive for students while providing them real-world experiences.

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