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Our focus is strictly on Livingston County—connecting businesses with skilled employees,
and students with the education they’ll need for their future careers.

Our role is to connect employers with K-12 and all forms of secondary education so local
businesses can be the first to recruit local talent, and to start a meaningful conversation
about fulfilling employers’ future needs.

We want students to start thinking early about their interests, and we want to show them
how their interests can be put to work in our community. You can help by answering questions
about your industry, and giving students a real-world point of view.

By registering with MiBrightFuture.org, potential employees can see what kind of jobs are
available here in our county. If you choose to become a career coach, students can send
questions directly to a representative at your business.

MiBrightFuture.org is a tool that other communities have used with success. MiBrightFuture
connects students with employers – giving employers a new source for building their workforce
and students access to career coaches in our county who can answer questions and
help them make decisions about their future profession.

Here’s how you can get started

• Register your business on MiBrightFuture.org.

It’s easy to get your business registered. Click here to get started.

If you’d like to become a career coach, here is a link to get started.

• Connect with us on social media for updates on coming events.

If you’re interested in direct involvement with Livingston Career & College Access Network
consider becoming a partner. Learn more here.