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The Livingston Career & College Access Network brings together community leaders around a
common goal:

To link Livingston County students with the education, job experiences and skills required to
fill the jobs that local employers need to compete in a global economy.

Clearly, there are many working parts to getting this done.

Our Leadership Team is made up of representatives from the groups that have a stake in achieving
this goal:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Employers
  • Youth and community organizations
  • Government agencies

We want local businesses to be the first to recruit local talent and for students to see opportunities
right here in their own backyard.

Deciding what to do after high school can be challenging. If students start thinking early about
their individual interests, and learning how these interests can be put to work in our community
their post secondary path can become more clear.

Schools can help by bringing local professionals into the classroom; connecting students with
our partner organizations; and coordinating company tours to partner organizations. When
schools connect students to MiBrightonFuture.org, they give students access to local career
coaches and professionals with a real world point of view. Look here for more about our vision.

Here’s how you can get started

• Get students connected with local employers at MiBrightFuture.org. Students can explore jobs
available in Livingston County and ask questions of real-world employees

• Form relationships with our partners to set up company tours or industry speakers

• Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on coming events.

If there’s a specific employer your school would like to partner with, fill out the form below:

If you’re interested in direct involvement with Livingston Career & College Access Network
consider becoming a partner. Learn more here.

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