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“We’re working to make connections with businesses so we can match student skills with
internship opportunities. That’s crucial.”
— Chuck Hughes, Superintendent, Hartland Consolidated Schools

“I got a paid internship through MiBrightFuture during my senior year of high school. It was
at the Livingston Education Service Agency; I had always known I wanted to go into education
of some sort, but I never had the opportunity to see any part of the system besides
school itself. It has been so awesome to see the behind-the-scenes aspect of education. Getting
this experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it would not have been possible
without MiBrightFuture. The process was extremely simple and connected me with LESA in
just a couple days. I feel this internship has really solidified my career choice, which is extremely
important for me since I will be graduating and going onto college this fall”
—Ashley Washburn, Hartland High School Senior 2016


“You help us cast a bigger vision to our leaders who mentor groups of 8-10 high school students.
As a result, they play a bigger role in students’ lives: spiritually, educationally, how
they choose a career path, partnering with parents, and helping them transition from high
school to college.”
— Michael Hulett, Youth Minister, 242 Community Church

Job Shadowing

“Our first experience with job shadowing went really well. [The student] arrived on time, was
involved, and appropriate. I was happy to share my profession. She will make a great occupational
— Allison Ackerson, Howell Public Schools Occupational Therapist

Talent Development

“There is a true talent shortage in Michigan. Everywhere you like you see “help wanted” signs. Educating students on portential jobs is key to keeping Michigan’s talent in Michigan. The opportunities and resources offered through Livingston Career and College Access Network and MiBrightFuture are endless for both employers and students. If a student is questioning what career paththey should take, or an employer is seeking young, fresh talent, the answer awaits them through internships, job shadowing, company tours, and more. All each needs to do is to make that first connection.”
— Pam McConeghy, President & CEO, The Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce